The 5 questions to ask an innovation

To work out if an innovation is likely to catch on, there are five key questions to consider. Is it…

  1. Better

    1. Is the innovation actually better compared to what already exists? 

    2. An improvement over the previous generation?

  2. Easy

    1. Is the innovation easy to try out? 

    2. Is it easily available? 

  3. Compatible

    1. Is the innovation compatible with how we live today?

    2. Is it easy to use in everyday life?

  4. Observable

    1. If one person tries it, will other people notice?

  5. Simple

    1. Is the innovation simple to understand? 

To easily remember them, think of it like this: "X is likely to catch on BECOS it's Better, Easy to try out, Compatible with how we live now, Observable, and Simple to understand."

If the answer to each of these five questions is a resounding ‘yes’, and the underlying factors are supportive, the innovation is likely to spread.

Source: Diffusion Of Innovations, Everett Rogers