How to create a future-proof organic veg brand

(This work was produced for Chris Baylis to inform a proposal to the creator of organic vegetable brand Nature's Premium.)

Before you read the trends that are relevant, it's important to read our analysis of the macro-environmental factors affecting life in the 21st century.

This page contains our view of the…

1. Trends: Near Futures

2. Trends: Further Futures

3. Opportunity areas

… that are most relevant and useful for the Burgess farming family.


Near Futures

1. Age of experiments

  • pop-ups 
  • food-trucks
  • new flavours

2. Platform revolution

  • new capitalism: less capital
  • from consumers vs producers to consumer-producers
  • Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber
  • Direct connections
  • Revolution in thinking:
    • from pipes to platforms
    • from consumer is king to "interaction first": suppliers are as important as consumers
  • Re-intermediation: just as "the medium is the message" so the connector is the one that captures most value

3. Simple rules

  • in a time of change, people want something simple to hold on to
  • Rise of discounters is also the rise of fewer SKUs

4. Smart living, smart eating

  • Subscription services
  • Savoury rising
  • Bye bye sugar

5. Convenience culture

  • Convenience stores rising
  • Delivery rising

6. Snacktivism

  • Time poor people don't have time to stop and eat

7. Ready-made rising

8. Belief in better + higher expectations

9. Better business

  • B Corps
  • B corporations
  • B team
  • Triple bottom line accounting
  • Don't buy from us: 
    • Patagonia

10. DIY movement

  • aka the rise of "meal kits"
  • Because: desire for convenience + social media + digitised lives + believe in better

11. New status markers

  • Experiences not stuff
  • Kodak moment > Instagram meals
  • Update living

12. Healthification

  • Smart (big) brands taking a stand
    • Coca Cola

13. Digital farms

  • Every company is a software company
  • IoC — internet of cows
  • "Farming as a service"
  • Brewbot

14. Transparent times

15. Small is beautiful

16. Vegetable hero

17. Zero waste world


Further Futures

1. Predictive shopping

2. Seamless shopping

3. More than a store


Opportunity Areas

1. Link with all delivery systems

  • Aim to have a "physical API" distribution system

2. Demonstrably different

  • Data > QS movement > 

3. Love/hate relationship with technology

  • People recognise that it makes life easier
  • We worry that we're losing what it is to be human
    • The industrial revolution has upended millennia of biological and cultural evolution
  • We worry that the machines will take over
  • We love real human contact

4. Healthification

  • Could you be the "Intel Inside" of vegetables?

5. The story of McDonalds

  • Have a hero / halo campaign

6. Radical transparency

  • Blow all competitors away with 100% transparency > to build radical trust
  • Share data with everyone, including competitors
  • Open up everything, support the market

7. Have a purpose… 

  • What purpose is right? See next point… 
  • Useful examples of exciting purpose brands: 
    • Patagonia
      • "Don't buy unless you have to"
    • TOM's shoes
      • BOGOA (Buy One Give One Away) 
      • Do they have a connection with people abroad? This needs to be long-term. Some sort of "feed the world" approach.
      • Could this flag up that their products are NOT flown from Kenya etc?

8. Be a vegetable hero

  • Bring the vegetable forward movement to the UK
  • Position 

9. Nature's Premium

  • No!
    • Un-memorable.
    • Me-too. 
  • Get an identity
  • Position as a beauty product: take the piss out of "eat collagen ads"
  • Position as a luxury product: "reassuringly expensive"