Future of the Experience Economy

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A huge thank you to the following experts for sharing their years of experience, insider knowledge, and assistance:

  • Joe Pine, author, The Experience Economy
  • Lucie Greene, worldwide director of trends, JWT
  • Miriam Rayman, cultural intelligence strategist, Flamingo Group
  • Jim Whyte, formerly head of insights, Fitch
  • Dan Chapman, head of digital, MediaCom
  • Mark Fallows, founder/partner, Curious NYC
  • Vicky Roberts, head of communications, vTime
  • Alison Holberton, head of commuincations (UK, Ireland), Airbnb
  • Keith Swiader, senior account exec, Moxie Communications Group
  • Anthony Batt, cofounder, WEVR
  • Ben Tucker, co-owner, Handmade Mysteries
  • Tanya Goodin, founder, Time to Log Off
  • Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist, Book of the Future
  • Giovanni Donaldson, CEO & co-founder, SideStory
  • Siena Morrell, operations & social media, SideStory