The future on your plate

The future of food is here, in this presentation delivered in March 2017 to S Group, Finland.

Thank yous!

This presentation was made possible thanks to help from:

  • Ed White, senior editor Europe, IDEO
  • Nadja Pinnavaia, founder, Euphebe
  • Lucie Greene, worldwide director of trends, JWT
  • Iulia Tudor, community manager, Google TechHub
  • Georgia Wing, researcher, The Future Is Here
  • Katie Griffiths, producer, The Future Is Here
  • Andrew Moo, marketing manager, Hatchery Asia
  • Juhani Mykkänen, co-founder, Wolt
  • Mark Maslin, professor of geography, University College London
  • Dan Kurzrock, co-founder, ReGrained
  • John Coupland, professor of food science, College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
  • Erna Klupacs, marketing, Winnow
  • Nina Elisabeth Børke, editor, 31 Days

What does all this mean for you, your company, your future?

To hear what this means for you and how we can help you improve your own future with food, get in touch.