The Future of Food

Our latest future of food presentation, "The Future On Your Plate". Features meat-free meat by Impossible Foods.

The Future of Housing

Houses will be smarter, more connected, and smaller. Presented at the UK's National Housing Group in Oct 2016.

The Future of Business

Features automation, Asia, platform business models, the rise of purpose and the "Hollywood model" for working.  

The Future of Content

Now we prefer experiences over stuff, what does that mean for the content you create? Presented to Disneyland Paris in Dec 2016.

Why You Need A Futurist

All you need to know about why the future matters. Features Beyonce, Wayne Gretzky, and General "Ike" Eisenhower.

How to PR

The very smart ways of the father of PR, Edward Bernays. See if you can work out what's changed in the 21st century.