Future of homes

Like every other thing we own, our homes will be connected, smart, and shareable.


Shareable homes

As we become collaborative consumers, we will think of our homes as we would any other sharable good that can be managed and maximized. In order to appeal to the widest demographic – and yes, we will think about our home’s target markets – we will design and decorate our homes differently. Flexibility will be key. We will want coffee tables that pop up for dining, walls that pull down for sleeping, and chairs that fold away – just as Graham Hill has in his apartment.

As home-sharing becomes even more common we may even begin to think more about the ‘shoot-ability’ of our homes. We will not only tidy up every seven years when the estate agent’s photographer comes round, but every time we upload photos to a home-sharing site, and each time someone rents the place. 

What does all this mean for you, your company, your future?

For advice on what this means for you and your company, and for smart ideas on how you can adapt to thrive, get in touch.