Future of Hotels

  • Presented at HI Design – as in ‘Hotel Interiors’ Design – in Berlin.

  • This presentation is called ‘Changing Times, Changing Rooms

  • It’s about the experience economy and what it means for the future of hotel design.

  • (Note that this version won’t show the videos, so you’ll have to imagine some of the images moving, and with sound :-)

The conference organiser, Guy Dittrich, sent me a nice note after:

‘Thank you so much for engaging with HI Design. You did a great job and totally delivered. No doubt you’re aware of the level of interest you inspired.’

If you'd like some inspiration for how your business can adapt to the Experience Economy:

  1. Read Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s brilliant The Experience Economy

  2. Read my books Stuffocation and Time And How To Spend It

  3. Get in touch