We give KEYNOTE TALKS that inform and inspire

Our founder, James Wallman, has given keynotes from Amsterdam to Berlin, Beijing, Cannes, California, Helsinki and Las Vegas — for innovation workshops, at AGMs, and to audiences of thousands. He specialises in bringing the future to life in a meaningful, useful, inspiring and informative way — and then showing what it means for you and your business.

Here are a few examples of our clients and the work we're doing for them.

Case study 1: Global food retailer Spar invited James Wallman to tell them about the future of grocery retail at their annual conference in Brussels.

Case study 2: Finland's largest food manufacturer and distributor SOK asked James Wallman to inspire them with a roadmap to the future of food at their annual conference in Helsinki. See video above.

Case study 3: Global event company Eventbrite hired James Wallman hold a "fireside conversation" with their CEO Julia Hartz at Collision Conference in Las Vegas. 

Case study 4: Produce World is one of the largest expert growers and suppliers of high quality fresh vegetables in Europe — but they're not sure what to do with their organic vegetable brand, Nature's Premium. In association with Chris Baylis Creative, The Future Is Here is helping them define their strategy, their positioning and their product.

Case study 5: Chemical giant BASF wanted to think about the future of business, The Future Is Here's James Wallman presented our latest thinking on business models, especially the rise of platform-based business models.