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In a busy world, it's hard to make your message cut through. Rather than shout louder than everyone else, smart brands realise it's better to say something that intrigues people, and creates conversation.

Case study: The Future Is Here worked with media agency Propellernet for Yell Business to create a multi-media report on the future of gender equality.

Here's Propellernet's PR director Hannah Foster:

"When we approached James with a concept for the project, he was enthusiastic and passionate about the topic – we had multiple, fascinating conversations in the early days of briefing!

It was already a subject he had been thinking about, and had loads of ideas about how we could approach the project.

Taking James’s lead, we designed a report which would look at a number of aspects of gender equality. The report featured subjects like the pay gap, female representation in areas like politics, the media and company boards, women’s role in tech, unconscious bias and the evolution of ‘transhumans’.

James and his team at The Future Is Here produced an extensively researched 10,000 word document in just two weeks. We also had a shoot day, where James was filmed turning his insights into ten, 30 second snippets to be used both on-site and in media outreach.

James also acted as a spokesperson for the campaign and was interviewed by a number of journalists about the findings in ‘The Future of Gender Equality’.  

The team at Propellernet then amplified ‘The Future of Gender Equality’ content via PR, which over-performed in terms of predicted results:

  • 17 pieces of coverage
  • With an online readership of 85.5 million
  • 235k estimated coverage views
  • 400 social shares
  • 20 links from coverage
  • An average domain authority of coverage of 51

James was an absolute pleasure to work with, and the results speak for themselves. We’ll definitely be putting him forward for future client opportunities when they arise."

For the full report, click here.