Play the game of the future!

If you've read the Manifesto and the Method – and taken the ideas on board – you might have started noticing things around you that you didn't notice before. Where before you'd just clicked on a website, eaten at a restaurant, sat on a chair, or read a headline, now you might have noticed the design choices of the site, the type of food on the menu, the materials or design of the chair, and you might have started noticing "trend-lines". In other words, you might have started noticing trends. You may have begun to spot the future in the present.

Here at The Future is Already Here, we believe that forecasting the future is simple and most people can do it. So, why not have a go? If you've spotted something you think points the way to the future – and even a few things that seem somehow incongruous with most of what's going on, but somehow connected – let us know. Fill in the form below, send the idea to us, and we'll take a look and get back to you – and credit if you if we use it of course.

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