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Drink trends 2016

Tips from Lucie Greene and Jim Whyte

Lucie's tips: 

Lucie G's tips: 


People trying to grapple between desire for booze and concern for health and find ways to do both

Drinking more on days they're exercising - it's been shown

Alcohol free things like this - that seem like a spirit


Cold Pressed milk and juice mixers

Exercise raves followed by cocktails



Health blur in general in to alcohol - cold pressed, alternative milks, etc - I saw an Aloe Vera martini advertised in a bar near me!


Fermentation being used - Kefir, probiotics, over ripened fruit for new flavors. 


Food and Sweet Blur

Shrub and Butter creating fish and chip margaritas where the salt infused with Plaice

Also Grain store serving a cheese liquor cocktail with cheese infused alcohol served with cheese plate.


Cachaca is the new mezcal - you know, because of brazil olympics.


retro cocktail comeback - 

Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Grasshopper — we're moving in to a post dale de groff, back to basics, land

These 1970s and 80s cocktails and blue caracau are being reinvented with a gourmet approach and sense of irony. 


Will try and think of some other categories


In general in food, beauty, booze, we're seeing ultra traceability - seed to skin, farm to face, barn to brew, all that bollocks being important and a source of storytelling.


Oh, and vodkas and gins made from milk.

Future of tech… 

Food trends relevant for Finland, 2016