The future of (small) business

We’re very proud of this report on the future of small business that we produced for

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The 7 key trends for small businesses, we believe, are:

  1. Easy Money

    Thanks to game-changing regulation change, far better UX, and clever

    algorithms that turn “should-we-lend?” uncertainty into risk you can put a price on, it will be easier to access capital, accept payments, and calculate cash flow and taxes. Money will become, if not easy, at least far easier to get hold of and manage.

  2. The Co-bot revolution

    It’s clear that millions of jobs will be taken by robots. But while some worry that robots will simply take our jobs and create mass unemployment, we believe that the effect of automation will be more nuanced. On the one hand, as it destroys jobs it will also create new, yet-to-be-discovered jobs — just as automation has done before. And in most industries, rather than take our jobs, robots will take on our tasks.

  3. The Hollywood Way – 
    and the rise of the ‘micro-multinational’

    Producing a movie, if you think about it, is just like any other project.

    A group of people, who may or may not have worked together, come

    together to produce a piece of work. Once the work is complete, they

    go their separate ways, and their distributors use as many channels as

    possible to sell the movie.

  4. The Four-Day Work Week, the Four-Hour Work Day

    Emerging research strongly suggests that 8-hour days are a suboptimal way to work — and that the optimum is far closer to 4 hours per day. We believe the Four-Hour Work Day will unleash a wave of human happiness, and productivity and creativity at work.

  5. Small Firm, BIG Data

    There has been plenty of excitement about Big Data for some years. The challenge, of course, is to find the signal in the noise and turn the data into actionable insights. After all, there’s a reason it’s called “big”: Netflix gathers more than 500 billion pieces of information per day. Fortunately, the emergence of ever more powerful AI and ML means we are more likely to make sense of it all in the future.

  6. The Reputation Game

    In an era of ethical consumerism, transparency, and heightened concerned about the environment, business is moving from single-minded concern for profits, to a broader interest in three more Ps: people, planet and purpose.

  7. The Experience Revolution

    As forecast in James Wallman’s Stuffocation, people are becoming determined ‘experientialists’ and the experience economy is taking off. As a result, in the future, all firms will compete less through the material goods they provide – they will just be a hygiene factor – but through ever better customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). And those, it’s worth noting, are often delivered by better employee experience (EX).

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