We offer STRATEGIC ADVICE that makes a demonstrable difference

The Future Is Here brings an intelligent, informed, alternative perspective that leads to better long-term visions and strategies. This work often includes creating a roadmap for successful 21st century businesses, and a roadmap for your business to be successful in the 21st century. This includes analysis of how these are similar and different from yours; identification of opportunity areas; proposal of specific strategies that will win.

Here are a few examples of our clients and the work we're doing for them.

Case study 1: S Group, Finland's largest food retailer with 47% of the market

Sector: food retail


"We wanted to raise discussion among our stakeholders about the future of the Finnish food. We wanted to create discussion that doesn't look in the past but reaches to the future and sees opportunities — and to lead the Finnish food sector to new era."—Anna Mäenpää, sustainability manager

"As a biggest Finnish food retailer we want to communicate that we are a company that looks to the future and wants to lead Finnish food sector to the success."—Ilkka Alarotu, SVP retail business

Why select the Future Is Here?

"We needed to have inspiration and innovative ideas to create a food manifesto, a vision for the Finnish food sector."—Anna Mäenpää, sustainability manager

"We wanted to have an external view about the megatrends and best practices. We believe that by combining our knowledge and the expertise of the Future Is Here, we would achieve best possible results."—Ilkka Alarotu, SVP retail business

How is the Future Is Here making a difference?

"The Future Is Here helped us broaden our thinking and views. They provided valuable information and innovative ideas about how to approach the issue."—Anna Mäenpää, sustainability manager

"International examples, best practices and future trends created a excellent baseline to our manifesto."—Ilkka Alarotu, SVP retail business

Timeline so far:

The Future Is Here gave a keynote talk about the future of food at SOK's annual general meeting in May 2016. In March 2017, we were invited back to give an updated talk to kick-start an innovation workshop whose aim was to create a manifesto for the future of Finland's food industry. In April 2017, we were asked to deep dive into four specific opportunity areas: "How to create the Netflix of food", "Radical transparency", "How to create a culture of experimentation", and "Better eating through data".

Case study 2: U+I, a property investment business with a £5bn portfolio

Sector: housing

Problem/opportunity: "We have a belief that there is an opportunity for compact living in the rental market in London which could also contribute to helping with the housing challenges in the city," says Brenda Bates, executive committee director for communications and business services.

Why select the Future Is Here? "We were looking for some additional thinking on what trends might support this theory, and some help in thinking about naming.  We had met before and liked The Future Is Here's thinking, especially on Stuffocation."    

How is the Future Is Here making a difference? "Fresh and energetic thinking and a useful piece of collateral which we will use as part of our launch."

Timeline so far: In November 2016, U+I asked the Future Is Here to identify the key trends in housing, with special reference to the size of housing units. In February 2017, U+I commissioned a white paper on the future of housing and micro-units in London. In March 2017, The Future Is Here's James Wallman took part in a public panel discussion hosted by leading urban think tank, the Centre for London. 

Case study 3: Berlin-based, Marriott-owned Design Hotels

Sectors: travel, hospitality, business model innovation

Brief: when Design Hotels key strategic team organised an offsite meeting in Ibiza to decide strategy, they asked The Future Is Here to present the future of business — with a particular focus on the platform revolution — and moderate a discussion about the future of their business. Click here to see the output from that full-day seminar.

Case study 4: Dixons Carphone x Blue 449

Sectors: media / retail

Brief: The Future Is Here collaborated with media agency Blue 449 to advise £10-billion-revenue retail giant Dixons Carphone on a future-proof strategy. The key output was a white paper on the future of retail.

Case study 5: Barclays x Blue 449

Sector: financial services

Problem/opportunity: "The problem that we didn’t have enough knowledge and understanding of the future trajectory of the banking industry nor detail on the new players in the market globally," says Anthony Swede, head of planning at Blue 449.

Why select the Future Is Here? "While we have a good research team, they don’t have the expertise or progressive imagination to deliver this. Plus, we like to bring in knowledge from beyond our walls."    

How is the Future Is Here making a difference? "A distinctive, thorough and inspiring piece of work that gave our potential client much food for thought."

Case study 6: travel tech startup KeepTrax

Sectors: travel, technology

Brief: The Future Is Here's James Wallman is a board advisor to Texas-based travel tech startup KeepTrax. The videos below show what KeepTrax does for users.

This video shows what KeepTrax can do for travel businesses.