It's subtle, but if you stop and look, listen and read around, you'll notice that human beings are going through an existential crisis – and though it sounds ridiculously cheesy I want to add — the likes of which we've never seen before. Because we may be creating ourselves out of existence. We may be making ourselves obsolete. Since we believe in obsolescence — as surely as we believe in evolution we believe in extinction, and as surely as we believe in progress, in better, we believe that things that aren't very good should be discarded. As a result, there's a panic going on. When robots and computers and algorithms are so much better than us, where do we fit in? Are we all headed to a Wall-E world where we are superfluous parasitic irritants who are spoiling things? Are we the problem on a fully-functioning planet? Are we headed for the trash can of history? Simple answer to that: yes. But its the timetable that matters, isn't it? Is is a timetable on a human scale? Will it affect our children, our children's children, us? Are we speeding up this shift? These questions have made me create this page, with all the stories I come across that are relevant to what is arguably the most important question of all: where are we humans heading – nirvana, or disaster?