The future of experiences

The future of experiences… 

In March 2017, we were asked by the Department for International Trade to give a talk at the UK's leading "Experience Economy" event.

We took a talk previously delivered to Disneyland Paris & made it shorter, and perhaps a bit sweeter too. It's here:

Thank yous!

This presentation was made possible thanks to help from:

  • Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist, Book of the Future
  • Mark Fallows, partner, Curious NYC
  • Alison Holberton, PR, Airbnb
  • Tanya Goodin, founder, Time To Log Off
  • Vicky Roberts, PR manager, Vtime
  • Joe Pine, author, The Experience Economy (& other titles)
  • Miriam Rayman, cultural futures strategist
  • James Whyte, retail trends expert
  • Dan Chapman, head of digital, Mediacom
  • Emily Forbes, founder, Seenit
  • Scott Keneally, writer/director, Rise of the Sufferfests
  • Mark Maslin, professor of geography, University College London

So what sort of experiences should your company be designing and building?

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