"Feedback from the conference has been great — your presentation hit just the right stretch to the imagination."

— Tom Rose, head of operations, Spar International

"Valuable information and innovative ideas."

— Anna Mäenpää, Sustainability Manager, S Group

"James added clarity to our thoughts on the direction of the company and how to best communicate the culture and USP. He helped to galvanise the direction of this new business, and to ratify and challenge the concept we were working with."

— Damien Corcoran, vice president - enterprise, Catapult

"Dynamic presentation… Accurate content… inspiring… You really inspired the audience."

— Outi Hohti, communications manager, S Group

"Great content, well presented"

— Andy Hearnshaw, global group business director, Blue 449

"Excellent presentation… thought provoking and provided very interesting ideas on the Experience Economy. Many people have remarked on how much they enjoyed and benefitted from your presentation."

— Richard Curtis, managing director, Andrich

"Thought-provoking talk."

— Oliver Bennett-Coles, marketing manager, Mash Strategy

"Very inspiring."

— Leonardo Ferragamo, CEO, Ferragamo Group

“Very thought-provoking and good fun too.”

— Johnathan Young, executive producer, BBC

"Loved your diversity of thinking and innovative examples.”

— Danny Berliner, senior business development manager, DAS

“Incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring.”

— Oliver Miller, director of events and groups, Claridge’s

“Excellent content… your delivery was superb.”

— Nicholas Wright, head of marketing, Zurich Insurance

“Fantastic… everyone is saying you were a highlight of the event."

— Stacey Shoemaker, executive editor, Hospitality Design Magazine