The future of work

Advances in technology and changes in society are making work more creative, more female, and more fun.

This is an interior shot of Second Home, a "Third Place" office in London.

This is an interior shot of Second Home, a "Third Place" office in London.

Here are nine of the key ways work will change in the 21st century:

1. Automation Age
From AI to robots, much more of what we used to do will now be done by machines.

2. Happynomics 
As our culture shifts from being based on materialism to experientialism, people will be less concerned about how much they earn: they will be less inclined to work long hours to earn more money to buy goods they don't need to impress people they don't like. Instead, they will be more concerned about the experience of work. Smart employers will realise this and improve the experience of working for them. We will see this in the rise in importance of happiness at work.

3. Sharing economy
As seen in the rise of Uber, Airbnb etc. We are shifting to a "smartphone economy" where people work the hours the want.

4. Experience economy
Where "meaning is the new money" workers prefer a stronger sense of purpose. Note the rise, for instance, of the B Corporations.

5. The Hotel California model
Where you can come in any time you like, but you'll find it very hard to leave

6. The Martini model
Where you work any place, anytime, anywhere

7. The Third Place model
The rise of work for yourself, out-of-home work places for the freelance economy, as seen in London's Second Home (pictured above).

8. 3D printing and the Maker Generation
3D printing will change much of what people require from businesses, and the structure of society. The old distinction between consumers and producers will change, and we will see the rise of a new era of physical creators, which we think of as the Maker Generation.

9. Womenomics
As our society shifts from male-dominated to a far more equal footing, women are changing the workplace, making it less linear, systemic and "left-brained", and more understanding, empathic, and "right-brained".

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