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The seven steps to success

These are the seven key questions Peter Thiel asks in his brilliant handbook for startupsZero to One — How to Build the Future:

1. The Engineering question: can you create breakthrough technology — 10x better, that offers “transparent superiority” — not incremental improvements? What will that look like

2. The Timing question: is now the right time to start your particular business?

3. The Monopoly question: are you starting with a BIG share of a small market?


“Customers won’t care about any particular tech unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way.”

“You can’t dominate a sub market if it’s fictional. Huge markets are highly competitive.”

4. The People Question: do you have the right team?

5. The Distribution question: Do you have a way to not just create but deliver your product?

6. The Durability question: will your market position be defensible 10, 20 years into the future?

7. The Secret Question: Have you identified a unique opportunity that others don’t see?

Useful pointers:

“Great companies have secrets: specific reasons for success that other people don’t see.”

“The best projects are likely to be overlooked, not trumpeted by a crowd; the best problems to work on are often the ones nobody else even tries to solve.”

“An entrepreneur can’t benefit from macro-scale insight unless his own plans begin on the micro-scale.”

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