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Men at home: the rise of Dads who look after the kids

The family is changing. More men are staying at home to look after the kids:

  1. There are now twice as many stay-at-home fathers as there were a decade ago in the US. There are now 2 million, up from 1 million. (Source? It's reported in the article. In time, will investigate further.)
  2. Most full-time working men say they would take on the domestic role if their partner's income allowed for it, according to a survey by the Boston College Center for Work and Family.
  3. This trend will continue in the future: Millennial men are more likely than any other generation to assume their partner's careers will have equal importance to theirs and less likely to expect that their partners will do the majority of child care, according to a Harvard Business School survey. 

For more, read this article by culture writer Jessica Bennett for Cosmopolitan called Men Want Work-Life Balance Too.

There's more in there about the struggle for men to be recognised for their efforts in childcare too. A good place to get a feel for this is on a blog called Daddy Doin' Work.


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