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Wall Street Journal: "a tipping point of clutter"

The Wall Street Journal has run a great piece on the problem of clutter and the "cult of tidying up". The article supports the principle assertion of Stuffocation, the best-selling book by the Future is Already Here's James Wallman: that we have too much stuff.

The article is based on the raging success of Japan's "tidier-in-chief" Marie Kondo, whose book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold more than 2m copies worldwide.

Key quotes:

a shift in the zeitgeist… many people seem to have reached a tipping point of clutter in their lives

The popularity of “Tidying Up” dovetails with an expansion of the entire self-help category to include a younger, hipper, mindfulness-practicing audience of women and men. “It’s the Ted Talk audience,” says Jessica Sindler, the editor who acquired “Stuffocation” at Spiegel & Grau. “It’s about changing your life and self-improvement but it’s sort of a happier, smarter approach.”

This underlines the point that too many people have too much stuff in their homes. This is why they have the problem of clutter – as identified by Jean Arnold, the anthropologist who stars in the first chapter of Stuffocation, and whom you can read a bit about in the excerpt from Stuffocation the Wall Street Journal published.


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