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Will the Uber economy of tomorrow look more like this lounge in San Francisco?

The Uber economy, the smartphone economy, the freelance economy — call it what you will — the freedom from, and freedom to, work whenever you want that today's apps are giving us is both liberating and frightening. 

Without the safety net benefits of yesteryear's jobs for life and plain old jobs that provide health care and a regular income, how will people cope? 

One of the things people forget about when they fantasise about the freelance life is the loss of social contact that can come with that: no one asking how your weekend was, or how you're feeling today, and no one to share how tough things are.

Enter, in today's Uber economy, the Groove in San Francisco, a new hang-out cafe-bar where people who make money driving people around through Uber, Lyft, Sidecar go to hang out and, as reported in At This ‘Lounge,’ Drivers Find the Help Uber Doesn’t Offer on Wired, "trade war stories, tips and tricks" as well as discuss issues like "car financing programs, insurance, and taxes."

We expect to see more services to help people in the new smartphone economy.

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