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Mindfulness takes off

British Airways is introducing mindfulness to its flights

British Airways is introducing mindfulness to its flights

The world is becoming more, ahem, mindful of mindfulness. 

  • Its moment was really announced when TIME magazine ran it as a cover story in February 2014.
  • The Economist's Schumpeter column covered mindfulness and noted: 
  • many business schools, including Harvard Business School, are using mindfulness 
  • the new Wisdom 2.0 conference (read the column, with our highlights, below)
  • Besides the upsides for business, it's good for happiness, as Britain's Action for Happiness often mentions.
  • And now, British Airways is using mindfulness to get some neat PR around its new London-San Francisco route. And, of course, help its passengers have a more pleasant flight, and entice all those business leaders who've heard how good mindfulness is.
  • “Mindfulness has been shown to lower stress and reduce its effects on the brain, improve both mental and physical well-being, help you sleep, think more clearly, reduce inflammation through the body and much more," British Airways' mindfulness consultant Mark Coleman told Mashable. (Coleman has spent more than two decades studying meditation and mindfulness, and founded The Mindfulness Institute in California.)
  • Here's Mark filmed at Heathrow's T5 reminding people of how to stay calm before a flight:

This focus on mindfulness is a reaction to our hyper-connected, always-on, always-checking-social media lives. It's a realisation that our ever faster, always-striving, never happy system isn't delivering what it was supposed to. People are asking: "now we've got all the stuff, where's the happiness?" Maybe one place to find it is in mindfulness.

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