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In the future, we'll all be (home) movie stars

A few weeks back, we came across a brilliant use of a drone to film a surfing trip… and made the sensible forecast that soon we'll all be using these kind of devices to film our holidays.

Then, our founder, James Wallman, was in Las Vegas, giving a talk at a tech event called the Collision Conference, met a French guy called Medhi Mugnier, co-founder of a company called Hexo+, which is launching a GoPro-carrying drone that films you. Click here to see why and how the Hexo+ was created.

And then we saw the Lily camera, and we got really excited. It's the "throw and shoot" camera in the movie above. (To think we once thought "point and press" was exciting). 

Here are some basic details about the Lily camera:

  • it costs $499 until June 15, 2015
  • "regular" price will be $999 (but we think it will fall swiftly as volumes rise)
  • the first Lily Cameras will ship in February 2016

Now, who doesn't want one?

In the future, we think drones will be ubiquitous, a sort of cross between a pet and a personal helper.


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