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Our founder: a high priest of the tech world

Julia Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite, and James Wallman at the Collision Conference, Las Vegas

Julia Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite, and James Wallman at the Collision Conference, Las Vegas

Our founder, James Wallman, went to Las Vegas to the Collision Conference, which the New York Times called a “grand conclave of tech's high priests”.

He was on stage with the brilliant Julia Hartz, co-founder of the world's best event-organising website, Eventbrite. They held a “fireside conversation”. 

"I've seen a lot of these fireside conversations," says James, "and I think a lot of them—even if the people are very interesting—make you want to yawn and go to sleep. So we tried to engage with people by asking questions to the audience, and having a genuine conversation."

The talk went well, according to a lot of comments. Here are a few:

James also took a look around the show. It wasn't a comprehensive look-round. He's sure he probably missed the next big thing. But the aircraft-hangar sized air-con tents were filled with all manner of next big thing wannabes. Here's a few that caught James's eye: 

  1. KeepTrax
    This Dallas-based tech start-up that offers users an automatic, digital, cloud-stored, private, personal journal. Its ideas resonate with us because, as the company's blurb says, "Keeptrax helps busy people remember where life's moments take place." In other words, their mission is to help people remember their experiences — which supports the experience revolution.
  2. Spendconsciously.com
    By gathering data from government, its members and people, and then sharing it with anyone who wants to know, this platform helps people make sure what they buy expresses their values.
  3. Flipd
    in an ever busier world, where it makes sense for people to talk of the “Attention Economy”, and distraction is major problem (for happiness, as well as for getting things done), Flipd helps your Econ manage your Human, and spend less time doing things you shouldn't be doing.
  4. Paylive.com
    Clever idea this. It's solves a key problem: how to monetize streaming events in an easy way. People pay by the second for what they watch, so no need for paywall barriers. Especially important because we now watch more streamed content than TV (according to Ericsson). Paylive.com's stats are great: there are 18,000 celebrities “in the western world” who want to monetize their events, with 620m followers, who spend $18bn per year
  5. Augmented Class!
    Enables today's digital natives to create and share their own augmented reality educational projects without any coding knowledge. They claim to be “the powerpoint of augmented reality for eduction”. Is that a good thing?
  6. Tripchamp
    This claims to use the latest technology to “process unstructured inventory that other travel companies can't touch”. It uses bid data and artificial intelligence to understand your needs—it looks at your behaviour, AI, “social listening” and market data to find you the best results. We're trialling it now. 

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