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Zen and the art of travel in a connected world

By Flickr user  Rusty Blazenhoff , at Outside Lands 2013

By Flickr user Rusty Blazenhoff, at Outside Lands 2013

Our founder was interviewed by a writer/thinker called Mark Ellwood in July 2015.

He was writing an article for hotelier JW Marriott's magazine about how, in an increasingly connected world, people can relax and enjoy themselves.

Here's the questions Ellwood asked. (We're posting them because we think they're a relevant and useful way of thinking about what matters to people today, and to the travel industry.) 

  • In a world that is trending towards a more thoughtful, pared-down state, how can we plan our trips to be more about collecting experiences than possessions? 
  • How can we incorporate that simplified zen feel into travel? 
  • How do we assess on the fly if an item will become a cherished cornerstone of our home or just another dust-covered tchotchke cluttering up shelves and ready for donation? 
  • What objects are as good as experiences to accumulate from our travels, if any?
  • What rituals do you have/recommend when on the road to help keep a trip feeling present even once we’ve returned to a 9-to-5 grind?

Ellwood writes for Fast Company, the FT's How To Spend It. He wrote a great book called Bargain Fever.

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