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Do machines have ethics?

No, not really, and maybe one day — is probably the best way to answer that question.

Your fridge may now be able to order your food. There are robots who cut us up and clean us up, and nurture us.

But robots and AI — and perhaps the often autistic creators of blockchain* — don't care too much about ethics.

Since these things are taking over many decisions and you and me are still meatware or wetware, the charming tech terms for boring old biological humans, this stuff matters.

Will our governments step in? Will regulation ride roughshod over R&D? Or will industry find a way?

There's a new organisation, so far unnamed, that aims to deal with this. 

More here.

And then Wired & US President Obama & MIT Media Lab's Joi Ito had a great chat about AI, automation etc… 

Ito asked:

"the question is, how do we build societal values into AI?"

Worth reading this.

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