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Temps in popular culture

The Future Is Here is conducting some work for workplace platform Catapult

In order to do so, we're following a simple 4-step model (if you're eagle-eyed, you may notice it's similarities to IDEO's model): 

  1. Problem definition
  2. Search & discovery
  3. Ideation
  4. Solution

Each of these stages includes divergent and convergent questioning and thinking.

We're beginning — as Edward Bernays does for his communication campaigns; see our post on Bernays' methods here — with research.

Here's one starter question: how are low-skilled and temp workers portrayed in the media?

Here's some places they appear:

  1. Trollied
    1. On Sky TV
  2. Rostered On
    1. Australian
  3. Superstore
  4. Retail
    1. Web series
    2. Comedy (ish)
  5. Mr Selfridge
  6. Mary Portas
  7. PhoneShop
    1. Channel 4 — very funny. 
  8. The Job Centre
    1. Fly-on-the-wall documentary
  9. The Office
    1. where Ryan the temp is often just called "Temp".
  10. The Temp Life 
    1. A web series that, to be honest, is pretty awful. There's some of that here:

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