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It'll be illegal to drive in your city

In the future, you won't be allowed to drive a car through your city.

For three reasons: cars are (1) dangerous, (2) inefficient, and (3) cause pollution.

Stop the pollution

It's (3) pollution that bothers the Parisians the most. Here's some evidence from an alpha city like Paris that suggests that this future is already here:

Paris is banning driving on certain days, and in more places. The city is increasingly pro-bike. For instance: 

  • From May 2016, cars are banned from the Champs-Elysees one Sunday every month

  • Cars are permanently banned the picturesque Left Bank of the River Seine — so restaurants, cafes and art exhibits have sprung up

  • From summer 2016, a 3km (1.8-mile) section of the Right Bank will also become car-free

  • There are plans to pedestrianise some historic central districts, with their narrow, cobbled streets

For more on Paris, see this BBC article, How Paris is stepping up its drive against the car.

What happens next? 

E-cars will also help solve the problems of pollution.

Driverless — and connected — cars will be far more efficient, and far less dangerous than human operators. 


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