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Digital nomad news: startup makes it easy to live in different places

A new company called Roam is now making it easier than ever to be a digital nomad.

  • They're creating a network of co-living places that you sign up to.
  • Cost: $500 per week, $1800 per month
  • Current locations: Madrid, Miami, Ubud in Bali
  • Future locations: Buenos Aires, London
  • By 2017, 8-10 locations around the world
  • "Just managing my stuff and going back and forth between Airbnbs and housesitting became more cumbersome over time," says founder Bruno Haid. 
  • Haid hopes this new format will help alleviate the loneliness of showing up in a new city and culture, knowing no one.
  • Residents each have their own private bedroom and bathroom + access to a coworking space and shared communal areas
  • Like other co-living experiments, they also believe that it's possible to design better living space if parts of it are shared: instead of cramped, crappy kitchenettes in multiple studio apartments, for example, the same money can be pooled to make a chef-quality communal kitchen.
  • Who's it for? 
    "it's not just for the young single freelancer," says Haid. "It's for the couple in their late 30s who are going to have kids and want to downsize for a year or two. Or the empty-nesters who say the kids are in college, let's travel the world for two or three years."
  • There are 1.2 million people who have the income—and the ability to work remotely—who can live this way — Haid estimates
  • The latest funding round Roam raised $3.4 million to expand to Buenos Aires and London.

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Co-living? Sure. But we also think what sets this apart is its focus on lifestyle management and curation that you might see from a company like Soho House.


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