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Snacktivism… in the UK

  • Skipping meals and snacking throughout the day is becoming increasingly common in the UK.
  • "Busy lifestyles and the pressure to do everything instantly has led to a disinterest in food and an inability to sit down and have a proper meal"

How often people skip meals and snack:

  • 57% of Brits skip meals and and eat snacks instead
  • 11% skip meals and and eat snacks instead… more than once a day
  • 19% skip meals and and eat snacks instead… once a day
  • 35% skip meals and and eat snacks instead… every couple of days

Main reason why people skip meals and snack instead:

  • Snacking is easier 30%
  • I need to eat on the go 18%
  • I don't want to cook 10%
  • I don't have time to plan or shop for meals 10%

Meal most missed? Lunch:

48% skip breakfast
64% skip lunch
17% skip dinner


Source: Harris Interactive study for The Grocer, 2015.

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