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The future of gender equality

We have produced a report on the future of gender equality for Yell Business.

It features a vision of what gender equality will mean in the 21st century, including key trends: 

  • Never mind the gap
    The gender pay gap will be gone by the early 2040s.
  • More female
    We will soon see far more women in business — in the boardroom, in startups — and in the media.
  • Femtech
    Products and services are increasingly being created for the 50% of the world which isn't male.
  • The more gender agenda
    Our society is shifting from a binary gender world (male or female) to one where there are far more choices of gender, including "gender neutral",  "poly gender", and "pan gender". 
  • Beyond gender
    Gender is becoming less relevant in society. The rise of gender fluidity is a striking example of this.
  • Bye-bye bias
    Clever solutions are being created to reduce our hard-to-ignore, in-built prejudices.
  • 50/50 futures
    Men and women will be part-time breadwinners and carers, and will share both responsibilities equally.
  • Wellbeing: the next battle for equality
    As our values shift from economics to wellbeing, we'll be concerned less with gender pay gaps, and more with any gender wellbeing gaps.
  • Masculism
    For equality, we need a new definition of men and masculinity, and for men to recognise the benefits of equality are theirs too. The seeds of this new movement have already been planted.
  • Transhumanism: the evolution of the equality question
    As we become tech-enabled humans, concern for equality will be less about the difference between men and women, and more between the tech-haves and the tech-have-nots.

This report was created thanks to the wisdom, ideas, inspiration, and information from the following: 

  • Calum Ross / Ripley — trend forecaster / drag queen and rights campaigner
  • Suzanne Doyle-Morris — author of Female Breadwinners: How they Make Relationships Work and Why They are the Future of the Modern Workforce, and founder of workplace advisory company The Inclusiq Institute
  • Sophie Traherne, policy advisor to Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities
  • Katie Crook, producer, The Future Is Here
  • Nicola Lacey, school professor of law, gender and social policy, LSE
  • Diane Perrons, professor of economic geography and gender studies and director of the Gender Institute, LSE
  • Rowland Manthorpe, associate editor, Wired
  • Man-Yee Kan, associate professor, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford
  • Rachel Arthur, fashion, business & tech journalist, founder of Fashion & Mash
  • Jane Ward, associate professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of California, Riverside
  • Jim Whyte, trends consultant
  • Wybren Meijer, strategy advisor scenario planning, Great Bay Group SXM
  • Rune Nørager, direktør, Designpsykologi
  • Philippa Ryan, archaeologist, the British Museum
  • Ed White, senior editor, Ideo
  • Ben Southwood, researcher, Adam Smith Institute
  • Ryan Murphy, research assistant professor, O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, Southern Methodist University
  • Vinay Gupta, release co-ordinator, Ethereum
  • Eva Shon, user experience designer, Consensys
  • Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder, BITNATION
  • Sophie Taylor, founder, Taylor Made Media
  • Gary Barker, president and CEO, Promundo-US 
  • Michael Kaufman, author, activist and senior fellow, Instituto Promundo
  • Catherine Riley, head of communications, Women’s Equality Party
  • Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the Innovation Group, J Walter Thompson
  • Daniele Fiandaca, co-founder, Token Man
  • Ida Tin, founder, Clue
  • Deborah Frances-White, 2016 Writers' Guild Award Winner for Best Radio Comedy, and co-creator and presenter of podcast The Guilty Feminist (www.guiltyfeminist.com)

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