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Here's one key trend in experiences: personal tours

Meetrip  has more than 10,000 guides around the world

Meetrip has more than 10,000 guides around the world

Just as we tire of mass consumerism, and prefer mass customisation, so that's how people prefer to visit the world. 

We're seeing the mass customisation of experiences, through the rise of personal tour platforms.

Consider this: after lift passes and ski hire, skiers spend the most of their in-resort money on private ski guides (source: THE CHALET SKI STATS 2016 from CONSENSIO).

Outside the rarified air of ski resorts, just how many personal tour platforms can the world handle? We bet it's quite a few. There'll most likely be a winner. Platforms are seem like winner-takes-all markets. But there'll be plenty of room for niches too. Think of these as the new dating or peer-to-peer services. So there'll be an "Airbnb for experiences", and many niche variations.

Our favourites include: 

1. Side Story — offers "immersive experiences with expert insiders"

2. Trip4real — "discover a city through the eyes of a local… experience a city like a local"

3. Vayable — your personal tour guide… "Discover and book unique experiences offered by local insiders… Insider guides to your favorite destinations."

4. Meetrip — "Book tourist guides all over the world… Discover our selection of 10520 certified guides"

There's clearly a lot of VC money pouring into personal tours. Just as Uber has made it easy to get a rated and therefore trusted cab anywhere easily, so these personal tour companies are making it easy to get rated — and therefore trusted — personal tours.

Why do people care about personal tours? Simple: experientialism.

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